Today, in many countries around the world where networking research is conducted, a variety of new ideas regarding the communication protocols and networking equipment go untried and untested, because of the lack of suitable facilities for deployment and experimentation with these ideas. An alternative federated facility with a plenty of innovative services, that collapse the barrier to entry for new ideas, would accelerate the process towards a Future Internet released from restricting obstacles. SmartFIRE will take advantage of the current leading network technologies to expand existing Future Internet test-beds in Europe and South Korea and build a shared large-scale facility. The new infrastructure, incorporating SDN research conducted by the South Korean Partners and wireless networking experimentation carried out by the European Partners, will promote joint experimentation en encourage both regions to conceive and implement innovative protocols.

Sigma Orionis is in charge of the dissemination and exploitation activities.

Grant Agreement611165
ThemeFuture Internet Research Experimentation (FIRE)
Full titleEnabling SDN ExperiMentAtion in WiReless Testbeds exploiting Future Internet Infrastructure in South KoRea and Europe
Start dateNovember 1 2013
Duration24 months
UnitInternational Cooperation

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