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Sigma Orionis involved in 7 Horizon 2020 projects

December 15, 2014

7-H2020-projectsAt the end of the first year of the Horizon 2020 R&D funding programme, Sigma Orionis is proud to announce that the company is already involved in 7 selected projects, to be launched in the first months of 2015:

  • RRI-ICT Forum, coordinated by Sigma Orionis, will support SSH (Social Sciences and Humanities) contribution to ICT research and RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation) approach, thus contributing to the RRI inclusive approach to align the process and outcomes of research and innovation with the values, needs, and expectations of our societies
  • MusicBricks, coordinated by Sigma Orionis, will leverage the creative and commercial possibilities of the music environment by piloting new tools and methodologies with the new generation of SMEs, digital makers and content creators.
  • SATISFACTORY, coordinated by the Greek Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, will aim at studying how ICT technologies can be integrated into European factories in order to make them more efficient and more attractive to workers. Solutions – including smart sensors and augmented-reality approaches – will be demonstrated in two pilot factories in Italy and Greece.
  • EuDEco is coordinated by Fraunhofer and will develop an economic model for the European (big) data revolution. It will aim at providing a better understanding of the impact of data in the ICT sector and beyond, supporting the efforts to help the European economy tap the potential of new data technologies.
  • The focus of DOLFINS is the relationship between society and the financial sector. Coordinated by the Department of Banking and Finance of the University of Zurich, DOLFINS will aim at studying how scientific evidence and citizen participation can contribute to refocus the financial sector objectives towards the resolution of major societal challenges.
  • STORM will take a look at how District Heating and Cooling (DHC) networks can become a major component of smart and energy-efficient cities. The objective of this project coordinated by VITO will be to develop a new DHC controller that will allow optimizing the use of renewable and waste heat in smart districts.



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