In less than two decades, ICT have transformed the way we connect and communicate, access and share information, learn and educate, work and entertain, buy and sell, receive and give care, and many other activities. Current research and innovation in ICT includes potential side effects, risks, and new ethical dilemmas. Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) can be defined as an inclusive approach to Research & Innovation (R&I), aiming at better aligning the process and outcomes of R&I with the values, needs, and expectations of our society. The RRI-ICT Forum project will analyse, support and promote the emergence of RRI in ICT-related projects under H2020.

Sigma Orionis is the project coordinator, and also leads the activities devoted to the organization of “Annual RRI-ICT events” and the tasks related to “Interaction with projects” and “Website”.

Grant Agreement644200
ThemeResponsible Research and Innovation in ICT
Full titleSupporting and promoting Responsible Research and Innovation in ICT
Start dateJanuary 1 2015
Duration36 months
CoordinatorSigma Orionis
UnitSocietal Challenges

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