ict-greenSince its creation in 1984, Sigma Orionis has been privileged to support the emergence of the strategic field now known as Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

During the last 30 years, through its services in this field, the company has played a leading role on the international stage in specific topics such as intelligent homes and buildings, products and services for the elderly and the disabled, and smart customer gateways.

Sigma Orionis still frequently works in this area at the request of public or private clients from Europe and the rest of the world, or within the framework of research projects funded by the European Commission.

Its range of services includes functional specifications for products or services (based on technological innovation), market research and business intelligence, technology assessment, (technological, regulatory and competitive) watch services, socio-economic studies and societal impact analyses, and foresight studies.

Further down the “research-innovation-markets” chain, Sigma Orionis helps its clients and collaborative research partners to develop communication and dissemination strategies, review exploitation plans, analyse possible business models, and drafting of business plans.

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Sigma Orionis forced to cease its activities

April 28, 2016
A tragic story on EU research and innovation… Founded in 1984, Sigma Orionis has imagined, designed, often coordinated and always successfully completed a large...



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