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Holy Andrianantenaina joins the Sigma Orionis team

May 6, 2013

News_HAndrianantenaina_Sigma-Orionis_06052013JpgHoly Andrianantenaina will join the Sigma Orionis team in a few days as a Project Engineer and will be involved in particular in the company’s collaborative research projects supported by the European Commission (such as RESILIENT or PERFORMER), which aim to take advantage of information and communication technologies in buildings, districts and cities, in order to reduce their energy consumption and limit their negative impact on the environment.

An engineer from the ESITE (Epinal), Holy also has a vocational certificate in business administration (IAE, Strasbourg) and a Master specialising in Strategic Management of Sustainable Development (SKEMA, Sophia Antipolis).  Before joining Sigma Orionis, Holy worked for several local and international companies, involved in the sectors of innovation, sustainable development and citizen initiatives.



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