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A collective book on CAPS prepared in 3 days !

June 10, 2014

CAPS-BookSprintsPreparing a collective book typically requires several months. However innovative methods and tools now exist to prepare such books in some days.

This is precisely what Sigma Orionis has tested, in the framework of the CAPS2020 FP7 project that the company coordinates.

Seven European experts in the CAPS area (see our blog “Can CAPS change the world?” to know more about CAPS) have been invited by Sigma Orionis in Nice some weeks ago to collaboratively prepare, in three days, a book focusing on the development context and on the perspectives of CAPS.

The group has benefited in its exercise from the methodologies and tools developed by the « Book Sprints for ICT research » FP7 project and from the valuable presence of a facilitator involved in this project.

The book, free and open source, will be unveiled at CAPS2014, the first international conference on CAPS organised by Sigma Orionis (in the framework of the CAPS2020 project) in Brussels on next July 1-2, under the aegis of the European Commission.

In the meantime, have a look below at the report on this promising exercise that Web TVNice has released.



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